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End panels come in  several sizes for a kitchen cabinet set.   The base end panel is 24.875" wide and 34.5" tall.  Pantry or oven or fridge cabinet end panels are 24.875" wide by 86.375" tall.  Upper end panels are 12.875" wide by 31.75" tall.  There is also a vanity cabinet end panel that is 21.375" wide x 34.5" tall.  End panels in this product class are all 3/4" MDF.  There are soft maple hardwood plywood/MDF end panels available, look for products ending in -SM.

Toe kicks are 4" wide x 96" long and made out of paint grade Popular hardwood, not MDF so they handle mop water better.  Toe kicks are used for wider fillers, for making mitered bat wing peninsula fillers, and for making oven cabinet fillers.  There are also soft maple toe kicks, look for a product ending in -SM.

 Wall fillers are 1" wide x 96" long. These are paint grade popular.    There are also soft maple hardwood fillers available, look for a product ending with -SM.

Crown molding bases are 96" long x 4" wide with 3.25" wide paint grade popular crown molding.  They will need to be mitered for any outside corners.  There are crown molding bases with soft maple crown molding and soft maple plywood/MDF core bases as well.  Look for a product ending in -SM.

Light rails are 96" long x 1.25" wide and have a 3/8" thick ledge on the backside for attaching to the upper cabinet bottoms.  These are soft maple paint grade.

Pilasters are for adding pullout drawers in base cabinets or pantry upper cabinets.  They are made out of MDF,  22.5" tall x 1.75" x 1.75" and can be stacked for taller sets of pullouts. Four pilasters per cabinet will handle two pullouts. Pilasters provide attachment for the drawer slides, provide vertical adjustment for the pull outs, and provide clearance room so the pullouts can clear the doors when opened.

Pullout drawers are made for 24" wide cabinets (19.5" width),  30" wide cabinets (25.5" width), and 36" wide cabinets (31.5" width).  The drawer sides are metal drawer sides, the bottom is 3/4" thick MDF, and the backs are 3/4" MDF with the top edge banded in maple edgebanding.  The fronts are shapered edge MDF

Hang rails are metal slotted rails for hanging upper cabinets and they come in 92" lengths.

These are stock cabinet ends and trims and available in standard sizes only.   For custom sizes you must go with more expensive custom cabinets which we also manufacture.

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