Large Ratproof Chicken Feeder Two Pack for Cheaper Shipping

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Quiet soft close door! Stop the rats, wild birds, and other vermin from stealing your feed and spreading disease. Cut your feed bill in half!

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Shipping rates have skyrocketed thanks to Amazon squeezing the three main carriers. Send us a label if you find a cheaper rate.

Videos available

The picture slide show to the left has a video of the medium feeder in use, check the main website for more videos.

Is it hard to assemble?

Assembly will take a few common tools and about five minutes. More on assembly below in the tab section

Is it hard to train the chickens to use it?

If you follow our instructions training the birds takes a few minutes then a refresher courses a few hours later
Please note that the pictures of this particular feeder have the original single side door axle and counterweight.  I need to take pictures of the new double side axles with twin counterweights and twin wire links.  Look at the extra large feeder product page to see the actual door axles used on these large feeders.  These pictures have the original two pound counterweights, these will actually be two one pound counterweights.

This is the new large rat proof chicken feeder sold in a two pack for around 22% cheaper shipping.

There is only one version, a soft close exterior model and they are made at our own shop in the Philippines.   There have been thousands of the original feeders sold but one of the complaints was that there needed to be a larger feeder.   The Soft Close mechanisms are already installed on the feeder but you will need to install the treadle like our other feeders.  Also note that these soft close cylinders aren't the same as the medium and small soft close cylinders, they quiet the close but do not slow it down as much. Tools needed:  Crescent wrench and a pair of pliers, .  We have several videos up showing the assembly of the medium feeders and this one assembles the same.  Be sure and visit our website at to see the videos.

There won't be many reviews for a while as this is a multi pack item, only about one out of twenty customers will leave reviews even on purchases they liked, so please  read the reviews on the very popular medium feeder by clicking here..  This new feeder has some major improvements over the medium and small feeders.  First the counter weight is split into two parts and mounted on both sides of the feeder which helps hold the treadle level and square to the world.  The soft close mechanism is on both sides as well and while these aren't as robust as the medium and small soft close mechanisms they do remove some of the noise when the door closes and come pre installed.    The new door axle has massive blocks on each side that can be adjusted to center the door, replacing an internal split tubing on the medium feeder that held the door over to the right.  Some feeders will have a series of holes drilled for installing the spring, making it easier to adjust the opening weight for lighter birds. If they are not on your feeder you will need to drill holes if you want this feature.   And the feeder is 4" wider than the medium allowing two birds, even three birds to eat at the same time.

The large rat proof treadle chicken feeder hopper holds 37 pounds of laying pellets or other feed and has a 100% galvanized sheet metal feed tray and hopper so the feed flows easily and sanitation is assured. Generally a laying hen eats around 4 ounces of feed per day, so one pound of feed should feed four birds one day, 7 pounds per week per four birds, or 5 1/2 weeks per full hopper of feed for a four hen flock. The feeder is designed and marketed for full size birds.  If you have bantams or other than full size birds please read our FAQ section on our main website and get a medium or small feeder.  Here is a link to the main web page on the large feeder.   There is a lot of info on that web site including videos showing how to assemble and repair feeders.

Approximate assembled size is 19.5” deep x 21.5” wide x 20.5” tall. The actual feeder hopper is about 14.5" x 10.5" x 20.5" tall, partially rectangular, partially triangular shape where the door has to swing back against the feed hopper.  Shipping weight is around 18 pounds with packaging for the large rat proof treadle chicken feeder. When you are ready to purchase add the item to your cart and then scroll down to find the PayPal icon to automatically insert your shipping information. You will need to add your daytime phone number for FedEx Ground. For more information about the feeders visit our main chicken feeder web page

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