Replacement Door Block

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Door block replacement for the medium chicken feeder.  For fixing a dropped door due to stripped wood screws or shipping damage.  Easily installed, two screws removed from the top front panel, then two screws holding the door in place, and two more screws holding the wood block to the steel door axle.  We have a video on our main website at this link that shows how to remove and replace the existing block.  Tools needed are a Philips Screw driver and about five minutes.
The wood blocks are mailed in an envelope via U.S. Mail and the shipping charge is included in the $4.52 charge.  It goes as a package, not a letter so the shipping is most of the cost of the product.  You can make your own wood block of course.  Cabinet shop dumpsters are great sources of narrow scrap that just needs cut to length.. 

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