Small Rat Proof Chicken Feeder right side
Small Rat Proof Chicken Feeder right side

Small Ratproof Chicken Feeder 3 pack for cheaper shipping

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Why buy this product?:

1 Stop the rats, wild birds, and other vermin from stealing your feed and spreading disease. Cut your feed bill in half!

Shipping info

2 Shipping rates have skyrocketed thanks to Amazon squeezing the three main carriers. For cheaper shipping use the multi pack. Or send us a label.

Videos available

3 The picture slide show to the left has a video of the feeder in use, check the medium feeder listing for more videos

Is it hard to assemble?

4 Assembly will take a few common tools and about five minutes. More on assembly below in the tab section

Is it hard to train the chickens to use it?

5 If you follow our instructions training the birds takes a few minutes then a refresher course a few hours later

Do you have chickens and rats? Or chickens and wild birds that are eating more feed than the chickens? Here is the solution. But before you buy look for the different versions of our feeder, this is the original version, there is a soft close version, an exterior version, and a soft close exterior version. There are also multi packed feeders that can lower the shipping costs down to as low as $9 to $12.00 each depending on how many and distance.

We have a lot of customer submitted videos too that show the feeders in use, most from customers with feeders that are two, even three years old.

This is the three small feeder multi pack that will save you 33% on shipping.   Check out the other multi packs for even cheaper shipping, the cost can drop to as low as $9.00 per feeder.  Look in the Rat Proof Chicken Feeder Category. The small feeder is made in the Philippines at our own shop.

There won't be any reviews for a while as this multi pack is a brand new item, only about one out of twenty customers will leave reviews even on purchases they liked, so please  read the reviews on the very popular medium feeder by clicking here..

The small metal rat proof treadle chicken feeder is the same height and depth as the medium rat proof treadle chicken feeder but the width is 7" instead of 11". It holds around 12 # of laying pellets and weighs around 12# packed for shipping. The small rat proof treadle chicken feeder is perfect for smaller coops and costs $60 plus shipping. The small rat proof treadle chicken feeder should feed four birds for twelve days, just under two weeks. The approximate assembled size is 18" deep x 10" wide x 19" tall. When you are ready to purchase add the item to your cart and then scroll down to find the PayPal icon to automatically insert your shipping information. You will need to add your daytime phone number for FedEx Ground. The feeder in the photo has the treadle link wire temporarily installed for pictures, it is sticking out and not bent under and clipped off. Click on Feature 8 for a detailed description on how to train your birds. For more information on the feeders visit our main chicken feeder web page

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