Soft Close Exterior version Medium Ratproof Chicken Feeder
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Soft Close Exterior version Medium Ratproof Chicken Feeder

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Quiet soft close door! Stop the rats, wild birds, and other vermin from stealing your feed and spreading disease. Cut your feed bill in half!

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The picture slide show to the left has a video of the feeder in use, check the small feeder and replacement parts listings for more videos

Is it hard to assemble?

Assembly will take a few common tools and about five minutes. More on assembly below in the tab section

Is it hard to train the chickens to use it?

If you follow our instructions training the birds takes a few minutes then a refresher coures a few hours later

This is the new soft close version of our exterior rated rat proof chicken feeder.  There is an interior soft close version as well that is $5.00 less.   There have been thousands of the original feeders sold but one of the complaints was that the door closed so loudly and it delayed training for some flocks.  Now if people followed the training instructions the birds learned to use the feeder despite the noise and a lot of people remarked that the sound of the door closing allowed them to know that the feeders were working without having to go into the coop.  But people kept asking so we finally made a soft close version.  The Soft Close mechanism needs installed once you unbox the feeder but it is a two minute job once you have all the tools gathered.  Tools needed:  Philips screwdriver or bit and a cordless screwdriver or a power drill.  We have several videos up showing the assembly of the feeders   and a very specific video showing how to install the soft close kit or retrofit an existing feeder for the soft close kit. 

There won't be any reviews for a while as this type of feeder is a brand new item, only about one out of twenty customers will leave reviews even on purchases they liked, so please  read the reviews on the very popular medium feeder by clicking here..

The mechanism is a Grass Corporation cabinet door soft close cylinder mounted on a wooden bar.  It is easy to install (the soft close cylinder is mounted on the wooden bar but everything is inside the feeder and it needs two screws installed for installation as part of the assembly), it is adjustable, the cylinder can be replaced should it ever wear out or fail, and installation and tweaking won't take five minutes once you have the tools gathered.  There is listing for a retro fit soft close kit and it has a video showing how to install the soft close kit on a new or old feeder.  Here is the link to the video.    You will need a screwdriver with a Philip's bit, either manual or cordless, and you will need a crescent wrench to bend the door axle if it doesn't line up.  When you order the new soft close feeder the holes in the feeder side are pre drilled but you will need to drive the screws into the wooden bar as part of the assembly process.  The soft close cylinder has been tested down to 9 degrees F with little change in closing speed at low temperatures.  Subzero weather might require backing the cylinder screw out completely until the temperature gets above 9 degrees.

The medium rat proof treadle chicken feeder hopper holds 26 pounds of laying pellets or other feed and has a 100% galvanized sheet metal feed tray and hopper so the feed flows easily and sanitation is assured. Generally a laying hen eats around 4 ounces of feed per day, so one pound of feed should feed four birds one day, 7 pounds per week per four birds, or 3 1/2 weeks per full hopper of feed for a four hen flock. The feeder is designed and marketed for full size birds.  If you have bantams or other than full size birds please read our FAQ section on our main website.  Copy and paste this web address in to your browser please   There is a lot of info on that web page including videos.

Approximate assembled size is 18” deep x 14” wide x 19” tall. The actual feeder hopper is about 11" x 10" x 14" tall, partially rectangular, partially triangular shape where the door has to swing back against the feed hopper.  Shipping weight is around 15 pounds with packaging for the medium rat proof treadle chicken feeder. When you are ready to purchase add the item to your cart and then scroll down to find the PayPal icon to automatically insert your shipping information. You will need to add your daytime phone number for FedEx Ground. For more information about the feeders visit our main chicken feeder web page

Here is one of the most recent reviews on this product.  The lady had rats tunneling under her coop causing structural damage, saved 20% per day in feed costs for 25 hens, and is getting three to four extra eggs per day, which probably meant that the rats were eating that many eggs or were stressing the hens enough to impact egg production.

Headline: Rats are gone!
Barb, Orange, VA

 I ordered 2 feeders. They're easy to assemble and look like they'll be easy to clean, although none of the birds are hanging out on top of them. I attached the wood mounting block to the back of the feeder and screwed two heavy-duty hooks into the top of the block. The hooks hang on the inside of the chain link fence that supports the open-air chicken coop. This causes the feeder to tilt forward a bit, so I'm planning to add a bumper near the bottom to correct the tilt.

 I recommend training the chickens when you can spend a few hours with them over two days. They were scared of the sound of the door closing and would run away. I stood in the coop and would catch a hen, place her on the treadle and let her eat. Then I'd remove her, let the door close, and place her back on the treadle. I did this repeatedly with all the brave girls and the not-so-brave girls would watch and then eat from the sides. When I saw one girl jump on the treadle, I left the coop. I repeated this the next day to make sure multiple girls were jumping on the treadle. Make sure there is no other food available because they won't learn if they're not motivated by hunger. I'm using finely-ground feed. I haven't had any issues with bridging, probably because the hens rock the feeder when they jump on the treadle. I'm feeding 25 birds with 2 feeders and all of them appear to be getting enough to eat.
I've seen 4 hens eating at the same time, but usually I see 3.

My coop recently became overrun by rats that dug through heavy clay under the apron of my coop. I think one or more got caught inside the coop when the automatic door closed so they spent the night digging out. The tunnels were causing structural damage because they tunneled under weight-bearing blocks. Judging by the extensive network of tunnels radiating 40-50 feet from the coop, there were many rats. I installed the rat-proof feeders and poison bait stations at the same time because rats will chew on the chickens' feet if they don't have anything else to eat. The feeders and bait stations have been in place for just over two weeks and we've noticed this past week that the tunnel entrances in the coop aren't active any more and are being filled in by the chickens scratching the dirt.

We're even getting 3-4 more eggs a day. I'm assuming the rats were stressing the chickens, which reduces egg output. I'm using 20% less feed and getting more eggs, so I'm very happy with the new feeders!

Rating: 5 stars out of 5 stars
5 Stars
hobby farmer
This is a product I tell all my friends with chickens that they MUST have. I even gave our first version of this to a needy friend, and now have a shiny new one for our chickens. There is no doubt these are designed really well, and do the job. Save grain, frustrates and stop rats and birds from serving themselves your chicken feed. Our coop is less messy and I am not wasting any feed since becoming a user of Ratproof chicken feeder.s This version is so much more quiet, I thought the chickens weren't eating because I didn't hear the pedal clang I was used to. A check to the hopper showed me that they were eating out of their new feeder, and although not the brightest of creatures my chickens had managed to realize it required the same technique even though the pedal is a little bit different shape. You won't find a better businessman and considerate person if you purchase from Al. I give them a ten thumbs up! Worth every penny.
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Reviewed by:  from Alexandria, NH. on 1/18/2017
5 Stars
House Boss!!
I loved my original so much, I had to buy a second one, and the soft close option is fantastic!
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Reviewed by:  from Seattle, Wa. on 9/7/2017
2 Stars
Nice Idea, But...
I like the concept, but there are some design/construction flaws that I cannot seem to figure out how to fix. The major one that prevents me from using the feeder is that the door hinge rod is mounted through a slot on the left side instead of just a hole for the rod to pass through. When the spring is applied to the right side, this causes the rod to drop down in the slot on the left side, resulting in the door sagging on that side and sticking to the point where the chickens cannot open the door, which defeats the whole purpose. I don't understand why the rod is mounted through a slot and not just a hole - that would keep the door straight and stop it from sticking. I've been trying to figure out a way to fix this to make the feeder useable, but have had no luck so far.
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Reviewed by:  from Tennessee. on 7/24/2017
4 Stars
I have free range birds.. 400 sq. ft. each of prime forage habitat..The unit is 4 stars for quality.....should be made in the USA tho.....For someone with limited space and that has a rat problem this product would be great. I bought it to reduce blackbird problem. It should be painted brown to eliminate scaring the chickens...I have a mice problem in the coop in the winter and am fairly confident that by wall mounting this unit it (with the door propped open and the treadle removed) will decrease that problem..I did the above modifications and mounted it to a fence and have noticed a huge reduction blackbird theft of food....For those that have issues specific to this design I would highly recommend this product. I would not recommend it for free range operations....The customer service is outstanding I might add.... *******Manufacturers note: Please don't wall mount this feeder and modify it like the customer did. It is just a matter of time before those blackbirds start to use the feeder without the treadle and door in place. Mice will jump two to three feet to reach feed too. Free range birds won't learn to use the feeder unless you coop a few of them up each day till they are hungry enough to have to use the feeder, then they will teach the rest of the flock. Please follow the directions that we provide with the feeder as they are time tested and thousands and thousands of feeders are being used successfully.
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Reviewed by:  from billings MT. on 6/10/2017
5 Stars
Great Feeder
I found this feeder after searching online for a solution to the rat problem we'd developed as a result of our chicken feed. The feeder came quickly, and my husband was able to assemble it without much trouble. It took our big girl about five days to figure it out, but she's now a pro, and the rodents have all but disappeared. We have two younger girls who aren't big enough to open the feeder alone, and they aren't smart enough to do it together. Big girl only allows one of them at a time to eat so I'm still propping the door open for them with a brick at certain times of the day.Hopefully they'll gain weight fast! We're very pleased with the feeder. It holds a lot of feed which has stayed dry in spite of the rains we've had. And, it really is rat proof! Thanks!
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Reviewed by:  from Houston. on 6/4/2017
4 Stars
Chicken Mom
Just set up my new feeder. The video was invaluable. I was all thumbs! The girls are snooping around and I showed them how it works and even put some scratch inside to temp them more. Delivery was amazingly fast! Within a week! Thanks for the great service and great product!
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Reviewed by:  from Houston, MN. on 3/19/2017
4 Stars
this item is not in service yet, but it is a sturdy, well built item. happy to give my business to a small craftsman. i will say that you would do yourself a favor to get a good graphic designer to illustrate the directions, and tighten up the text. i am good at this sort of thing, but i did scratch my head at a couple of spots.
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Reviewed by:  from CHICAGO. on 2/15/2017

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