Spare Counterweight

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Counter weight  replacement for the medium and small chicken feeder.  Rarely do they break but they do get lost believe it or not.  What do those birds do out there when we aren't watching?

Shipping is high on this item so if you want to make your own take a 2" slice of PVC pipe, slit it so you can remove it after the concrete cures.   Poke a 1.5" x 1/4" carriage bolt through a chunk of card board and a small nail to use as the pin to prevent the counter weight from rotating (only one bolt used).  Leave the nail and bolt sticking out the back of the counterweight about a half inch and pour concrete into the mold created by the cardboard and the PVC pipe.  Remove in 24 hours, allow to cure for a week before trying to tighten the bolt to prevent cracking the fresh concrete.

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