Upper Kitchen Cabinet with MDF Slab Doors

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Upper kitchen cabinets include any cabinet that hangs on a wall except the upper  cabinets on tall and deep cabinets like pantry or broom closet cabinets.  They come in widths starting at  6", 10", then 12"  to 36" in one inch increments cabinets .  A basic cabinet will have two shelves, one or two doors depending on width.  Cabinet depths are  12" on the exterior, 11" clear inside the cabinet.

Height of cabinets are constrained by the 32 mm system of building cabinets, the European system.  The standard abinets are 31.75" tall.   All european style cabinets increase in 1 1/4" steps (32 mm), this allows doors and drawer fronts to be pre-made and guaranteed to fit.  There are short cabinets for over fridges and ovens in the appropriate category.

MDF, Medium Density Fiberboard is the carcass material of choice due to the stiffness, uniform thickness, durability, and the lack of internal voids.  Plywood is too unstable, is less stiff, and has internal voids that can cause problems with modern European hardware. 

Shelves and all hardware attach to the system holes, a series of 5 mm holes spaced 32 mm apart, the heart of a European style cabinet.  This allows a modular approach to making cabinets and allows drawers to be added easily on existing cabinets.  The system also speeds up manufacturing, assembly, and installation.  Accuracy and tolerances are improved as well as the hardware (slides and hinges) has pre drilled holes.

The backs are 3/16" thick, planted on the back of the cabinet and slide into a groove around the sides and bottom of the cabinet.  Backs hold the cabinets square and provide strength as well as protecting the back wall. 

  Upper cabinets have hang blocks in each end that attach to a long steel rail to make it easy to hang cabinets. There are vertical and horizontal adjustment screws for leveling the upper cabinets.

These are stock cabinets and available in standard sizes only.   For custom sizes you must go with more expensive custom cabinets which we also manufacture.

Doors on this category are MDF shapered edge doors.  Look for other cabinets with a SM product code ending for the soft maple five part door version.

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